Board of Directors

The CRIEC Board of Directors brings a wealth of experience to the work of the organization, combining Human Resources, Finance, Risk Management, IT and Senior Executive expertise, in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. The Board’s role is to provide stewardship, guidance and direction as CRIEC seeks to fulfill its Mission of connecting Talent with Champions in strategies that will lead to successful employment outcomes. The Board meets at least quarterly to review financial matters and strategic outcomes, assess risk and discuss the impact of CRIEC’s work on the larger questions of promoting effective integration, meeting workforce needs and encouraging workplace diversity and inclusion.

Our Board has always provided exceptional stewardship even before CRIEC started life as a registered Alberta society in 2010. Several years of conversation in the community about the need to more effectively and efficiently connect International Talent with Calgary employers were led by founding Directors Jaime Enachescu and Dianne Fehr (both still active on the Board) and recently retired Directors Amal Umar, Kamal Sehgal, Ellen Dungen and Charla Vall. Together with first CRIEC hire and mentoring expert Marie-France Varin, CRIEC was able to “hit the ground running” and create a foundation of excellence that helped forge the pathway for all of the CRIEC strategies to follow. We humbly thank you all and celebrate your tremendous contributions.

The CRIEC Board continues its dedication to making a positive difference in our community. CRIEC, and indeed the whole Calgary region, has been blessed by their collective commitment, sage wisdom and resourcefulness.


Ada Adeleke-Kelani

Director and CRIEC Chairperson
Procurement Manager Unconventionals, Shell


Jaime Enachescu

Director and CRIEC Past Chair and Founding Board Member
Community Builder


Virginia Baescu

Director and CRIEC Treasurer
Director of Finance and Accounting, United Way of Calgary and Area


Chris Thomas

Director and CRIEC Secretary
President and Lead Consultant, The Classic Business Consulting Group


Dianne Fehr

Director and Founding Board Member
Vice President, Stakeholder Relations, Immigrant Access Fund


Anita Remartinez

Human Resources Manager for Workplace Policies, Guidelines and Diversity, Esso/Imperial Oil


Darren Mondor

IT Project Management Office Lead, Strategic Business Technology Services, The City of Calgary


Leonardo Soto

Managing Partner, SotoNets Cloud Solutions